Re: Keyer for ubitx #ubitxcw



let's not keep score on misteps - I might be pretty high on 'errors' also.  I am doing okay using the ubitx on cw with a straight key - it is enough to calibrate us this is not a QSK rig.  but I got used to it, and made many contacts.  I imagine a paddle should work as good, once you land the recipe - either with stock of KD8CEC firmware.  (there is a third source said to work better maybe, but try the easier path first). 

let's not give someone a discount to have the 'challenges' we have been having - they can pay full price hi hi.  this is some rig for what it costs.  on SSB is so cool to work DX with 5 watts (no I don't have huge antennas here).  enjoy the ride - and let the rig sit for a few days as required.  a 'world' full of aid is here in the journey. 

73 Curt

PS - don't wear yourself out on the simpler mods.  AGC helps but is not huge.  etc. nice you have a v5 - lots of info that the spurs are decent.  CUL here

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