Re: Keyer for ubitx #ubitxcw

Joe Puma

Hi Sam, do you hear your mic audio in your speakers with that amp and also not having much shielding on the wires. or do you just do CW with your rig?


On May 28, 2019, at 11:25 AM, Sam Tedesco <stedesco619@...> wrote:

I lifted r52, on side towards 2822 chip, add diode in series...cathode down to board (ver 3 board). This took out all extra characters for paddles and key.

On my 3.5" sunil case, I left the key alone on front panel and ran the paddle circuit on the rear daughter board. On the pic, you can just see the two resistors on the daughter board come together and are ran under the main board to the front panel. I soldered the wire to the pull up resistor on the side away from the key input.

If you want to run paddles up front, you have to cut a trace on Sunil's front input board...I have not done this. <IMG_20190402_053934.jpg>

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