Re: VU Meter from Sunil


Mark and Joe

Thanks for email. I will share what I learn, as I stumble. I built 2 copies of nd6t AGC, could not get them to do much with my v4. I went back to the vk3ye agc, it works wonderful once its properly integrated. Then I built the s-meter circuit from sprat that's on the web. I should have known because the vk3ye agc pulls down the signal at the volume control input, it's futile to connect that circuit there for me. Yes we need to grab the full signal before its attenuated.

Vk3ye measures current in parallel with the LED. Pretty worthless except to move the meter. But noting led brightness is in proportion to signal, I will try to measure series current. Yes all this started when I was gifted a front panel with the meter. I like the white panel, so now the meter must become useful.

I will use that sprat s meter circuit for some project. Its easy to find on the web. I just don't readily see it functioning with a ubitx with agc.


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