Re: VU Meter from Sunil

Joe Puma

Couldn’t you create the same this with a voltage amp, even the same LM(I forgot the type) chip that comes with the AGC? Also, there is a transistor in that circuit probably to increase current” its a real simple circuit, very easy to reproduce. 


On May 28, 2019, at 10:15 AM, Mark Hatch <mark2382@...> wrote:


If you are able to get this to work without installing Sunil's AGC and Volume amplifier, can you share how you did it? Right now I have an open slot in my case where the VUE meter should go and would love to install it. I am just not sure I want to buy in to Sunil's AGC to make it work.

And they are great cases. Just the parts you get with the cases makes it worthwhile. I am planning on doing a MarkAl mod and originally bought the 7" display. But now, I am reconsidering the 5" just so that i can buy one of Sunil's cases!


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