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Ian Reeve

I recently purchased a Amateur Radio Kits case for nextion screen.Arrived very quickly and was amazed to find it came with brackets and panels,wiring looms,speaker,audio and and agc board.The case is beautifully made and is punched for the display and s meter etc.I find the meter strange with centre zero so would not use it and I found the aperture for the nextion to be too big for my screen.I made up two short aluminium strips drilled to fit the nextion screen and offered up the assembly to the case front panel.Carefully centered the display and marked through the front panel and drilled the spacer strips.Finally cut some Matt black textured card to fit the display screen through and a very pleasing result indeed.  Ian M0IDR

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D'Oh...I just now noticed it's listed right there in the groups footer...

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No.  But thank you for turning me on to them.  They have some beautiful cases!!!  Not only metal, but pre-cut for the BitX and uBitX (including TTF displays of all sizes)

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some of us may be applying a VU meter that was shipped with a front panel from Amateur Radio kits India.  I am thinking it may be around 250 uA but I am not sure -- I am also seeking the resistance of the movement as I may need to employ a current shunt.  anyone have any info on it?  if its marked on the meter outside, I have some disassembly to get to it. 

73 Curt

Paul Mateer, AA9GG
Elan Engineering Corp.

Paul Mateer, AA9GG
Elan Engineering Corp.

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