Re: Ubitx V3 Rx problems #ubitx #ubitx-help


I have removed all modifications (which were only to speaker and mic via capacitors) - no change
I have replaced the audio amp - no change
I have reloaded the original software - no change

My scope is not very good (only 20MHz) but checking the clocks CLK#0 is at 12MHz about 1v p-p on main boad
Using my frequency counter I get CLK#1 switching between 33MHz and 57MHz (USB/LSB)
and CLK#0 at 59.1 MHz when tuned to 14.1MHz which is the correct 45MHz tuning and the frequency changes with tuning
So although I cant check the waveshape and amplitude (dont know what amplitude is should be but si5351 datasheet indicates 0.6 VOL to 3.3-0.6 VOH)

Something has definately changed on the board and I can hear soft 'clicks' as I tune the frequency, the audio signal is very quiet but I can tune signals. There are now whistles at some specific frequencies where as I tune the tone chages with each 100Hz tuning step. e.g.
14,180.7 audio tone perhaps 5Khz
14,180.6 audio tone perhaps 2KHz
14,180.5 audio tone perhaps 1Khz
14,180.4 audio tone perhaps 500hz

Any help with what to test would be a great
Thanks to all - Bob

So something is wrong

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