Re: Bitx 40 no receive


Does it transmit ?

If not check the VFO connection from Raduino to board at DDS1.


At 24/05/2019, you wrote:
I have a Bitx 40 I am troubleshooting that a friend put together. The display comes on okay and covers the entire 40 meter band when I tune it. I do not get any indication of it receiving nor any volume out of it with the volume control and an 8 Ohm speaker soldered to the speaker leads.

I have watched the troubleshooting video. I do not get any noise touching a probe to the center conductor of the SO-239 and no antenna attached. I also do not get any noise when touching the probe to C107.
The video does not talk about what to look for if that occurs.

I was hoping that someone would have some ideas where to start out with this problem. I have checked the volume control a couple times and it is wired correctly. I have not yet checked the current draw of the radio
as I will have to dig up a power cable I have for doing just that.
Any assistance or tips on figuring this out is much appreciated.
Mike K7MH.

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