Ubitx V3 Rx problems #ubitx #ubitx-help


My uBitx v3 has been working fine and I added a usb audio card and 2 port hub with a separate PSU, this has also been working very well.

I was experimenting with FLDIGI and attempted to change the frequency by clicking in the 'present freq' window and typing in a value. This immediately resulted in strange behaviour from the Ubitx, clicks, pops, jumping frequency.

Now I have very low audio and 'whistles' as I tune through bands. I have changed the audio amp and its the same, supplies are ok, the Tx appears ok (CW, FT8, SSB audio). The Rx has lost volume and sensitivity and there is more noise but less signal - although FT8 still 'works' it is clearly much worse. The basic Rx does not get any better if I fully disconnect the USB sound card.

I am on the original software as supplied.

Doesd anyone have any idea why the Rx should have got much worse?
Blown relay drives?
Arduino/Osc problem?

Thanks for any help given

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