Re: What's a Reason for less Power Output ONLY get 4W on 80m?.., 3-4W on 40/20m, 1W on 15/12/10m #ubitx #ubitx-help


If power out on CW and SSB are both low then the PA gain is lower than expected or something with filters.


At 20/05/2019, you wrote:
Good morning, Curt! Thank you for helping me.

I'm not so well trained in this area yet, I've recently upgraded my class E to class A license, but it's a real project for the first time and I'm not so experienced yet. This is really embarrassing for me and I would like to learn more, but right now I'm a little bit overwhelmed with all this.

Ok, when 8-10W output in CW was fine, i can only say the maximum ever seen was 4-5W in 80m CW on Wattmeter/Dummy Load..

The measurement of the CW power and the 45Mhz signal is such a thing, what am I supposed to do now?
Should I just do a test with a dummy load connected to the antenna socket and then measure on 80m or 40m CW and read the value with the DVM? If so, I did that.

But the one with the 45Mhz signal surely concerns another measurement that is printed, right?

And because of the audio oscillator I found a circuit diagram, but is a simple 2-tone generator with NE555 IC and I would build that, or should I do something else?

If it helps I could make a video of the previous measurements and then upload it with a link, but there would be good to know what exactly you would need to see to help me. I have few kinds of instruments here that are for a beginner, 100Mhz Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Signal Generator, RCL Meter, AC Millivoltmeter, RC Generator, Lab Power Supply, and many components to build schematics for various projects.

Only the experience is missing.

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