Re: What's a Reason for less Power Output ONLY get 4W on 80m?.., 3-4W on 40/20m, 1W on 15/12/10m #ubitx #ubitx-help

sdr freak

Hello and thank you HAMs!!

This is the Ubitx of mine:

How exactly is this meant by the audio oscillator, a 2 tone generator? I don't have one yet.
Use only the original mic cap and a zetagi m99 as second mic for testing, both have the same output power. 
Measure the CW power? How can there be differences, how is that meant? 
The CW Key is an older model which I had on the Kennwood TS140s, so I always set the SWR for antennas. Tuner is the MFJ 948 Versa II with SWR and Watt Power Meter. 
The 10-11V which I read 80M in the dummy load I measure with the DVM in position DC, dummy load DL1 QRP replica of the Elecraft DL1... and my input in the Ubitx is the same at 12V on the red and brown cable. Even at 12.5V input power there is hardly any difference. The 10-11V at 80m and at 40m there are only 8-10V at the dummy load.
I just wanted to say I use the Ubitx 3 with FCI Sound IC and have connected a 20x4 display and installed the software from CEC 1.08. Use indoor a 12V 3A power supply(can handle up to 15V but i don't do more than 12V or maximum 12,5V for the Ubitx) and outdoor a 12V 3Ah battery from motorcycle.
Indoors I test with dummy load, replicated from the Elecraft DL1 QRP 20W dummy load schematic with the same components and outdoors with 80m dipole, 40m dipole, 20m delta loop, 15m dipole, 10m yagi, 40m groundplane with loaded coil and another 20m groundplan worth of 1/4 wave lenght.

With 40M Groundplane with loaded and 3 radials, i have an little qso from Germany to France last Week but with 3-4 watts.. but this was the only Qso able to make because many other try but with no copy, and i look for hear me at in half europe i select stations and try to hear me in ssb and cw, but nothing was heared, not even a cw signal heared from my self..
What is meant by measuring CW? Measure the power of CW when Ubitx is on a frequency for it and with a normal Morse key. Then I read the power on the wattmeter and so I should be able to see what the right result is or how should I do it, is there an error in my method or is 4-5W on 80M and 2-3W on 40M and 20M on CW normal? 
I have the homebrew Mic with the standart delivered Mic Cap which was in the Ubitx Box und my second Mic is a Zetagi M99 with Hall function, but on both mic the output is same.. Even many other Mic Cap i have tested with same or lower Output..
The main question now is which part of the Ubitx should I check and are there data for the voltage or current values of the parts to be tested which correspond to the correct value? 
I have the idea to minimize the R63 to 22Ohm to not have to scream so close in mic to get any performance out of it, because it's really bad if I don't eat the mic very close to my mouth.
I had an idea to replace the Q90 transistor with a TO-92 type 2N3904 transistor and hope for an improvement of the higher watt output power. But should I do that even if the Q90 doesn't have a short circuit?
If I open the RV1 completely I don't have much more power than before with half to 2/3 counterclockwise. Only from 4W on, if at all, 5W are there to measure at 80M is the increase at full counterclockwise.
I was able to measure from 1.2A(4W) to 1.8A(5W) at this RV1 test with PTT with loud hello.
Then I tested if the other transistors in the amplifier stage have a short-circuit, but also here none was to be found, all tested in the switched off state as well as in Q90 test for short-circuit... 
Or should I test this for short circuits of the transistors in switched on state with device in Rx or in Tx mode?
What cause can it still have that instead of the normal power of the 10W like also writes on their page, and also here the users except for a few who had there also problems but with other cause, only this few watts with my ubitx comes out although I have no other problems with the reception and use the 12V power supply with 3A as recommended?
What exactly could I do now, what exactly should I measure for you or could a video of something help, then I would do it, I just need to know what I should show then I do it immediately.
I want to make it somehow but I need your help, I am so thankful for every help!

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