Re: wsprnet results, wsjt-x, and calibration success --> world domination V4 #firmware #calibration

Don - KM4UDX

Thanks -- my goal with the uBITX was multiband ops with mini-effort and max coverage -- simplicity.  I wasn't smart enough to know what this means is you lose low SWR numbers. But then I wasn't smart enough to know that SWR below say 4 doesn't matter much on the receive end. So if you can get the big picture and understand the interaction of large numbers of errors, you realize the approach works great.  hahah

I'm sure the uBITX doesn't like high SWRs at some point, and i know there is no fold back or power reduction/protection circuity. But it seem to do just fine at 4 (or more...I'm just saying).  And yes I pay attention to the drive levels and stay within the envelope, but there is one drive setting for all bands.  I've seen WSJT-X config setting drive level per band, and I may play with that, but the uBITX takes care of itself with one drive setting for all the bands that I can use. 

Based on what I've read, the EFHW 80-10 antennas could do even better than my DIY 80-10 OCFD as they seem to have 30m out of the box. If I wanted to just by a good solution, I'd try these guys (or similar -- there are lots of vendors)

How can you beat 80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10m with no antenna tuner? Several guys in our local radio club have them, and they seem to work.

But given a easy, reliable, effective and efficient commercial solution like a EFHW-80-10, or a marginal self made mess, I will aways pick the mess.  My old boss used to say that when success is too easy, you should put obstacles in your way, just to make victory sweeter. 

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