Re: quick mod to USB cable to remove VCC for CAT control

Joe Puma

Good idea. It bugs me too when I power off the radio and the raduino is still on. It powers the radio too because when I have my pan adapter hooked up I can still receive signal, just a little weaker. It’s so weird. 

Also when you turn the radio back on you lose tuning control. You have to reset the raduino. 


On May 18, 2019, at 3:24 PM, Doug W <dougwilner@...> wrote:

I finally got around to putting KD8CEC's outstanding FW on my V3 µBITX.  When I'm not using the rig for other things I leave it on to rx WSPR.  Using CAT control for band hopping is fantastic.  I did not want power over the USB cable going to the raduino when the rig is otherwise switched off or at all for that matter.  There may be a more elegant solution but as they say, done is better than perfect.  I stripped back the insulation on the cable, parted the shielding, and like a B movie bomb tech I cut the red wire.  With a little heat shrink on the cut ends, some copper foil to repair the shielding, and electrical tape to replace the outer jacket it looks good as new...from 100 yards :)  I realize this isn't a revolutionary break through but I figured it was worth sharing.

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