Re: wsprnet results, wsjt-x, and calibration success --> world domination V4 #firmware #calibration

Don - KM4UDX

I read that bit about BFO adjustments till static sounded "good".  i suspect that the "good" guidance works just fine -- as soon as you ear learns what good static sounds like. hahaha.  

You also have to figure that trial and error is a totally legitimate problem solving technique in this domain. So gird your loins and have at it. (Yes I had to look up the expression..hahah) 

I'll add to my summarization with this extra bit. 

if you want to do band hopping using the wsjt-x band hopper functions (which is wicked cool, says me), then you want an antenna contraption working on more than one frequency. My solution was my 80-10 OCFD run without an antenna tuner.   Yes the SWR is "variable" across the bands, but once you realize that a SWR change from 1.4 to 3.5 is small potatoes on the receiving end, you can embrace a multi-band antenna and have at it. The key here is to not actually look at SWR too often. Just run with it. 

Given that there will be a few no-go bands (no antenna seems to do it all...darn the physics), you do need to sweep your antenna as installed, find the bands with zip resonance, and be sure to EXCLUDE them from the wsjt-x band hopping click boxes.  

The dead zones for me includes 30m, where the SWR is approximately infinite. It wouldn't matter to me, but if you look at wsprnet activity reports, you see that 30m has a sizable percent of all WSPRnet activity.  See the pie charts below.  Turns out that 30m is the third most active band behind 40m then 20m then 30m.  

And my antenna is barren, lifeless, empty, massively indifferent to 30m. Think of all the action I'm missing (like in high school).  I could not let this be. So I've calculated adding  30m OCFD wings split at 29.5% of total (to match the existing 80-10 split point). This is like a fan dipole -- and they work, right?  I expect it will completely screw up the works. I will surely  regret ever trying to improve what is really great as is. But "good enough" can always be made "worser" with enough improvements. 

So i am off to safari seeking the 30m game. Solder at the ready and push onward!

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