What's a Reason for less Power Output ONLY get 4W on 80m?.., 3-4W on 40/20m, 1W on 15/12/10m #ubitx #ubitx-help

sdr freak

I need your Help, reaaly no Idea for this low, very low Power Output..

...if there is an way, an idea or something i could do it was not described in any post till now or i read it not because i have read all post for this "low output power" issue what i can read in this forum, but i find difference things was write there and i look to make all i can test or put like these post was saying.. but nothing get right..

My problem is the output transmit power, get only 4W on 80m, 3-4W on 40m/20m and 1-2W on 15m/12m/10m and the messuare was take by Dummy Load and on Antenna the Value is the same so there not different and i have on 80m only 2 Qso and 40m only 1 Qso till now with many Antenna testet and other Band testet but not heared by other ham so same by test with websdr.com try to hear me, but there was nothing able to hear me..

so the test on RV2 and RV3 with fully clockwise: Rx only is 150mA, Tx PTT only without speaking is 380-400mA 
when set on RV2 and RV3 for each on 100mA, both together 200mA to the 380-400mA then i have 600mA PTT no speaking when the Bias setting up like it should sayed on hfsignals.com but now when Tx PTT now with a load Hallooo to the original Mic Cap, then the Current is 1Ampere but on Dummy Load only 10-11V and on Power Meter 3-4W and when set RV1 to max power at fully counter clockwise then 5W getting but overmodulation so i seg RV1 like half way like it was before.. now i have test the Q90 Transistor in no Battery,no Power up Ubitx for shortet Transistor but it does not give a short with dvm test or should i test it in other way?

The Q90 was my only idea to try a new on in TO-92 solder in but i don't know if i should do this or should test other things..

The R63 resistor i have read can be reduced to 22Ohm for more mic audio.. but that should not give the issue away because on CW my power output is the same low value at the bands and on 80m get 3-4W cw on 40m 2-3W and than it goes lower,too .. on higher bands like 20m,15m,10m it was 1-2W..

What can i do, WHAT SHOULD I DO? I want only the normaly power output like on hfsignals.com saying and the other user would have..i want it too..the normaly power..this is all i want, please..

The ubix, when it have at one day should have 10w on 80m and 7w on 40m and 20m, than i would be lucky as hell but in reality the ubitx should have this 10w on 80m and 7w on 40/20m or have i fucked something up in readi g this information all there was saying by the motly ubitx users they have this minimum 10w.. 

I have good Receive, very good sounding and the only thing whit trouble is the power output is too low and thats all i would be have missing would say, when this issue gone cleaned up and the power output is on the right value with 10w my ubitx would be very best Qrp Transeiver for me and i'am lucky when dreaming of this many days outdoor transmitting i would love so much with this lovley little machine.. i have so much love to give kn this ubitx and i thought for many upgrades would be present when the transmitting output issue was done in right setting, i would upgrade things like agc, s-meter, cw-filter, battery-case, speech-ic, integrated qrp tuner with swr meter, these are the things i have here for waiting to build up and put in the ubitx..

So my project only make trouble in one point where i have no idea..

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