Morse Code Tutor

Jack, W8TEE


The source code and schematic from my FDIM talk on the Morse Code Tutor is now available in the Files section on SoftwareControlledHamRadio Group.

Please note that there are still some changes that I plan to make to the code, but I have no plans to change the hardware of the MCT. Al and I consider the MCT to be Open Source, subject to the MIT Open Source agreement. (This more-or-less means that you need to leave my headers in the files.)

Note that there are multiple files in the zip file and those files must all appear in the same project directory. There are also some non-standard headers used that are not part of the standard Arduino IDE. The URL for these non-standard headers are given after their #include directives in the MorseTutor.h header file. This is to be expected because the code uses the STM32F103 ("Blue Bill") microcontroller. This requires you to install the STM32F patch, and there are plenty of places to find help doing that. I used "Using the Arduino IDE with the STM32F" as my seach in DuckDuckGo (I'm done with Google) and found plenty of entries from which to choose, both videos and written.

Jack, W8TEE

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