Re: How to stop worrying and love the uBitx #ubitx #ft8 #antennas #cat

Tom, wb6b


Good things come to procrastinators... This KV4QB site has a lot of interesting Ham related microprocessor projects. Including adding a TFT display to a uBitx. And a cool simulated analog meter using a small OLED display. 

He has a project for a 63 db step attenuator using eBay attenuator modules. I recently bought two to do the same thing. And when that day comes I have some spare time I was going to hash together some kind of Arduino code to control them. Right there on his site is code to do just that. Maybe if I stay busy with client projects, my soldering iron will build the thing for me (Maybe like Disney's Fantasia. Although I seem to remember things went terribly wrong when inanimate objects were set off to do work). Well, maybe, procrastination won't be rewarded at that level.

Tom, wb6b

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