Re: Inexpensive eBay Amplifier Kits

Curt M.

Hi Joe, 

The filter set that Oliver has listed above is the one that I am using.  They used to be $50 or so which in my opinion was overpriced especially compared to what they are now.  I mounted mine filters in an aluminum enclosure with a switch on the front to select the individual bands.  Be sure to get yourself a fan to mount on the side of the heatsink.  Tehy ahve convienently pit a connector on the board to power the fan.

Here is an old picture of mine while I was still in the testing stages and before I mounted the fan on the side.  There is a heatsink and fan available on ebay that fits the board perfectly.  I also made a PTT cable up for when I use it with the FT-817ND.

Curt M.

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