Re: How to stop worrying and love the uBitx #ubitx #ft8 #antennas #cat

Wayne Leake

 Looking at two pictures, it looks to be a NANO with a TFT, maybe touch screen?
 Interesting, being as I just received two NANOs, though planned to use one to make a clone of a raduino.
 Maybe both, in the back of my mind.
 For a dummy load, I havea commercial grade 100-110 watt dummy load that I got on Ebay some years back. It uses an RF resistor mounted to a large heat sink, well worth what I paid for it.
 I do have to use a UHF to N adapter, as it has an N connector.
 Lots better than the Cantenna was. Lighter, no worry about spilled oil of whatever type.
 I used transformer oil in the one I built. MY brother may have used mineral oil in his, being as he was less likely to search for, and find a source for transformer oil. Mine did leak a teeny amount through the pressure vent, just enough to make an oil/dust mix, LOL.
 Anyway, I'd kinda like to build this mini dummy load with meter for QRP testing.

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