Re: BITX40 First version (Through hole type) - Wiring Up diagram required

mitch prater

Thanks so much for the quick replies!

And thanks for the home-brew links. I'll read through those in the next couple of days. Ugly construction would be just as fun, so I'll probably go that route. I did notice there's a uBitx v5 - I presume I can find the schematic.
It's been a while, and I don't have any of my old (homemade) bench equipment any more; but I do like hand populating a PCB, so a kit would be ideal. However, as I said, I'll go with ugly construction assuming there's enough info on proper layout, etc. to give me a reasonable chance at ending up with something that works.

Thanks again - I'm so glad I stumbled onto the whole uBitx scene. I've been looking for a way to get back into amateur radio, and to start playing with micro-controllers. uBitx is perfect!


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