Re: Look at this on eBay, ubitx, budget test equipment.

Kelly Mabry

Hi Laurence, at the best case I can realistically squeeze about 50 bucks a month out of the budget starting June 2019.  That doent allow for much, I know. So for now I either must build or scrounge (I might can do area hamfests next year) (either Littlerock, AR or Memphis) thank God for my kia Soul! 

I was able to buy the ubitx due to the fact that mom wanted to hit the casinos in Mississippi,  just over the  state line. So I drove her, borrowed 20 bucks to keep from being bored and played slots...I hit for $205! Paid mom back, and ordered the ubitx the next day. As i had ordered the case from Sunil a few days before...and here I
Oh... yeah. $ 0.25/spin if you must know...Isle of Capri, Lula MS..hi hi.


Kelly K5AID 

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