Re: How to stop worrying and love the uBitx #ubitx #ft8 #antennas #cat

Jack, W8TEE

The major difference between the Mini DL and the one shown in the Nov. 2018 QST is the use of an RF power resistor (ebay 401311455234) and a 4" heat sink.(Amazon B07D9ZTTN2). The change makes it easier to use the DL, especially in the field, since you don't have a quart of oil to lug around. The downside is that it can't handle 150W for several minutes. This is part of a new Projects book that Al and I are working on.

Jack, W8TEE

On Saturday, May 11, 2019, 11:25:24 PM EDT, masch57 <masch57@...> wrote:

"I've seen pigs fly, but the day they put a microprocessor in dummy load..."
I thought it was joke picture until I saw the power display, and, um, on second thought, I'll get in line to buy that.

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