µBITX V5 build complete (for now)

Jeff Karpinski (N0KAI)

Fun build. Mods include Nextion 4.3, 2.5 MHz high-pass filter for BCI, Kit Projects AGC board, and fidelity mods to the LM386 amp. Uniden CB mic works but gain is a bit light. Need to fix that. CW works fantastic. I did bring the RF gain forward to the front panel on a concentric potentiometer with AF. I REALLY like that, but direct soldering shielded cable to the smt pot pads on the board was a recipe for disaster. Within hours, the ground pad lifted even though I was gentle as hell with it. Would be nice to see a future rev of the Kit Projects AGC board include better solder points or even headers for all the wires. I tacked header pins to the pads for the switch connections. Still, the AGC circuit itself works very well.

This is gonna be a fun QRP rig for Field Day...

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