Re: How to stop worrying and love the uBitx #ubitx #ft8 #antennas #cat



check out QRPGUYS for some antenna ideas.  they have a tuner for an end few halfwave antenna, a 3 band vertical matching unit, and other antennas there.  I imagine you can stash a good antenna there somehow.  FYI - a half wave tends to radiate from the middle of the wire (where it is cut to be a half wave) - something that may help you if you can get this portion in the clear. 

Dummy load - find some resistors - 2 watt ones - that parallel to make close to 50 ohms.  for example 220 / 4 = 55 ohms (certainly close enough).  or two 100 ohm resistors, just don't hit them as long. 

Knobs?  well is there a hamfest nearby?  W8DIZ may still have some knobs  otherwise look around the web


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