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Buddy Brannan

Right with ya Chris. And Kelly also. Fortunately, most of us on this list specifically, and in ham radio generally, are more compassionate souls than some…ahem…aptly named individuals, it would appear. Could be I’m strange. OK, that’s a given. … But seems to me that you can’t have much of a community if we don’t care for each other when the need arises. So, I guess the question is…is this a community, or is it strictly a technical forum? If the former, I’m all in. Community is important. If the latter, I’d suggest some community building needs to occur elsewhere. (For the record, I believe, due to the overwhelming supportive responses, that I know what the answer to that question is.)

Vy 73,

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On May 8, 2019, at 3:34 AM, Christopher Miller <djmalak2k6@...> wrote:

Boo, that was in bad taste. I am physically disabled, and have a learning disability. Im also struggling to get a M.S. and have a 92nd percentile IQ.

One would think with qualifications and an IQ I would have a job, however I do not primarily because I can be denied a job for whatever after an employer sees my left foot is destroyed.

The OP made a good point and the person complaining reveals that the op was right.

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