Re: Equipping an Electronics Lab on the Cheap by Ed Nisley KE4ZNU


One thing to keep in mind with a DVM is it’s safety rating. Should a transient voltage hit the meter you want the meter to be able to interrupt the internal fault and protect the user with adequate insulation in the probes, leads, and case. At minimum you should look for a Cat 1 rating. Here is some info from Fluke>>

On May 6, 2019, at 1:22 AM, Wayne Leake <wayneleake@...> wrote:

 I have several low priced DVM's.
 Only damaged one so far, wrong kind of voltage, like the electric fence, Dern.
 I have a slightly better one from Tractor supply, that has a few extras, such as capacitance, and an outboard item for transistors.
 Also has a stand of sorts to prop it up, and came with clips to use on the probes.

 Be great if it could test what is left of my truck.
 Burned up Friday evening, just after I got home.
 needing help to buy another.

 I have bought a lot of things from HF, though now I buy stuff from Tractor supply, as it is more convenient.
 Wayne WA2YNE
 In need of a decent pickup now.

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