Selling my UBITX v.3 #ubitx

Daniel Conklin <danconklin2@...>

I guess I've had enough fun with this radio and now it's time to move on.  I'm selling by UBITX V.3 in an Apache case. There is space for the mic and a battery pack to sit when the case is closed. The mic and PTT switch are mounted in an old BaoFeng mic housing and it works well.  My paint job is not the best but you could say it's a great concept... I've made quite a few mods, but that doesn't mean the new owner needs to stop experimenting.  You can see my list of mods on this thread: 
 I was never able to get the function switches to program, so that's one thing you could work on. I'm asking $140 via postal money order or PayPal.  I will also include all of the original parts I can find in case you want to try to restore it to near original configuration, although it works pretty well as it is.  

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