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Joe Puma

HI Sam,


I think I did everything I needed to get the spectrum and CW stuff in my version. Looks like my version had both completely excluded. I added the pages and the necessary code but I don’t see the spectrum.


Then I did some checking on the site and noticed that we only get that spectrum when you do the stand alone signal analyzer.  I have a basic sensor on the A7 line.


please let me know I’m not crazy lol. I even used a unmodified version from the Nextion lcd batch you can download from the hamskey website. It didn’t show up there either.


Also now that I have it all setup I don’t get a reading on the graph to the right. So something went wacky. I would like to make that SSA with another nano, I guess this to be continued.




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It hides the cw info while on. You can pluck the code off of the hmi's below


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