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Joe Puma

Hi Ted. I briefly saw your screen layout and understand Sams questions. Yes your S meter is slightly off. It runs over the white lines that which are part of the image. Also the frequency dot Sam is talking about is a image on the layout of the screen. If one wants to move the frequency around they have to adjust the frequency dot graphically as well. 

This is a screenshot of my 5” layout. I’m working on the other screens but will make this 5” layout available soon. 


On May 1, 2019, at 8:47 AM, Ted via Groups.Io <k3rta@...> wrote:

Hi, Sam.

Please explain what you mean by painted items.... do you mean things like the S-meter path that gets overlaid with the moving meter graphic during operation?  What does controlling a decimal via a button do?   This may sound silly, though it's all to do with me figuring out how the programming works and what can be done with it. 

Retaining CW settings after a reset would be handy, as would a quick and easy RIT to account for the difference  between one's own freq and the other guy's setting (600-800hz) especially when using a narrow RX filter. 

* For the viewership at large, this is a link to the files Sam and I have been playing with (and then a few).


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