S Meter output sticking when changing tune step. #ubitx #ubitx-help #smeter

derek (G4VWI)

I have just installed a kit-projects AGC board onto a new V5 board. 
The output can be varied giving a useful gain.
A7 is connected directly to the AGC board.
KD8CEC latest firmware is loaded using a Nextion 3.2E display.
The output figures are lower than expected but the S Meter display works fine. 
Occasionally the S Meter display freezes and takes time to resume. This happens when the tuning step is changed for example.
I am not sure what output capacitor is used on this board or if a discharge resistor is needed to ground?
I would like to hear from others who use this board or from anyone with experience of this problem using other variants of the ND6T board. What levels of output do you get feeding A7?

Thanks in anticipation.
Derek G4VWI.

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