wsprnet results, wsjt-x, and calibration success --> world domination V4 #firmware #calibration

Don - KM4UDX

Hello all. So after living with non-trivial frequency/calibration error, I finally found my boy-bits and went back to reading everything ever written on uBITX calibration (with CEC firmware and memory manager).  The result was extraordinary levels of fear and confusion. 

In desperation, I finally said "foo it",  calculated the error ratio @ 10.00 mhz, multiplied that ratio by the base calibration number to get ~~-5000, then added -5000 in MM, and hit reboot.  Then went to wsjtx's freqcal mode to measure my  new error relative to 3.330 (-7Hz) and 10.00 (-18Hz) reference signals. I was now close enough that I didn't want to touch anything. But I did. And every time I tried to reduce the error further by tweaking the calibration numbers, everything got worse. So I quickly realized I was as close as a mere mortal could aspire. 

But I did run the complete freqcal process in wsjtx, and that process reduced my uBITX freq error to like 1hz or less in wsjtx.  That wsjtx is wicked. If anyone wants help with uBITX wsjtx freqcal mode, I'm your dude.  
Here are my wsprnet results using my humble V4 uBITX.  Without any real effort other than stumbling in the dark, and GREAT help from fellow hams and wonderful persons Ding, KA8BRK, and Dan W3BU, I am ranked ~155 in 2 way WSPRnet spots after only a few days of auto band hopping. NEVER did I expect my little uBITX to get to Australia  and Antarctica.  All hale the mighty uBITX.



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