Re: First ubitx lsb contact!

Joe Puma

Kelly that’s great. I live in NY and with my end fed half wave antenna that tops off at 35 feet I am able to talk to Florida easily on 20 meters. Last week when we had some slight solar activity I made a contact with Italy on 20 meters,
well the guy couldn’t hear me too well on the uBitx so I jumped on my 100w radio to complete the contact. He did hear something on the uBitx. 

My uBitx has been modded for a more even power level. On 20 meter I can do 14watts. On 80 it’s 12watt 


On Apr 24, 2019, at 2:54 AM, Kelly Mabry <kmabry2007@...> wrote:

Haha i should have said miles... up to this point, i had not truly worked qrp. The satisfaction of building it, then operating it is awesome. Thank you all for collaborating with me on this project. Your suggestions and advice illustrates what I love about this hobby. So, just few things left to do before I build.... another one. Lol. Well i need to install the AGC mod from kit projects.

Kelly K5AID 

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