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Jack Brabham - KZ5A

I like the TPA2016.    I've been using a 15W/ch class D amp to drive my main station speakers for 2 or 3 years and haven't noticed any RF noise.

One aspect of the uBitx AGC consideration I haven't heard much on is.... to what extent, if any, do strong signals outside of the recovered audio pass band, but inside the 45 or 12 mhz passbands affect the mixers and amps in the RX chain?   Is there an optimum max signal level?

73 Jack KZ5A

On 4/23/2019 5:30 PM, Tom, wb6b wrote:
On Tue, Apr 23, 2019 at 09:38 AM, James Lynes wrote:
Well since Atmel is now Microchip
I have the PICKit 4 Programmer/Debugger and now that Atmel is under Microchip the new PICKit 4 box will program PIC, AVR and ARM chips. Although I also have an Atmel ICE to fall back on when the PICKit does not handle a particular AVR chip. They are gradually merging their toolsets to handle PIC/AVR/ARM chips more seamlessly. So Microchip may cover all the bases.

The Nordic chips are interesting. When it comes to battery operation, some folks seem to prefer these. I bough a LoRa development module based on one of these chips. I use manufacture toolsets often, but the documentation from the LoRa development board is helter skelter. 

I'm learning more about these chips, as I ended up buying a genuine Nordic development board, a J-Link Programmer/Debugger and installed the Segger toolchain, so I have a known starting point before tackling the Lora board (and disorganized documentation) again. The Segger stuff is first class (fortunately it is supposed to be free to use with Nordic chips), but even with experience on multiple manufactures toolchains, culling through the many disconnected documents and connecting the dots, is making this toolchain one of the longest for me to get set up with. 

If Nordic chips get more support in the Arduino IDE it would be a real benefit to the casual user. I Like the ease of Arduino IDE with the consistent libraries and the (at least most of the time) just works programming environment. For the Arduino environment it might be good if they try supporting the inexpensive ST-Link V2 clone programmers to program boot loaders into the Nordic chips. 

Tom, wb6b

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