Re: Audio AVC

Jerry Gaffke

At $10 for a 2.8W class D audio amp operating from 5v, that looks nice.
Here's what the webpage says:
    I2C interface pins for setting gain, AGC configuration parameters, etc. 
So you would use the i2c interface when setting the volume or turning on AGC.
But the AGC action all happens internally to this board once you have set it up.
You don't need to constantly write to it via the i2c interface to make AGC happen.

Apparently worked for Nick.
But be careful with Class D amps.  They send high frequency square waves
out to the speaker, and if not filtered correctly that can be very noisy in a radio.

Jerry, KE7ER 

On Tue, Apr 23, 2019 at 10:13 AM, Ismo Väänänen OH2FTG wrote:
People seem to have tried I2C controlled digital AGC before, with TPA2016 amplifier.
Nick VK4PP seems to have had success with it.

So digital AGC via I2C control is very much possible.

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