Re: Raduino reinforcement, 3d printed

Tom Clifton

3D printing has become a home closet industry.  Google terms such as" Who can print my 3D close to me" and you should be able to find a number of folks to get quotes from.  All you need to do is provide the .stl file.  Prices may be all over the ballpark so don't be surprised at the answers.  Pricing will probably be based on a one time setup, cost of material per gram (perhaps $0.05) and a cost per minute or hour for printer time (perhaps $1 or $2 per hour expressed in hours and minutes)  3D printing is not fast...

Another thing to consider is going down the 3D rabbit hole.  An Ender3 is under $200, and filament is $20 per Kg roll of PLA+

I finally took the leap a month ago and wonder why I waited so long.  I found a local (to me) Facebook Group for support.  Yes there is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get familiar with operation and the tons of .stl models available (free!) on thingiverse you will probably want to start creating your own models.  There are a number of free modeling packages with different capabilities (learning curve) but youtube is loaded with excellent tutorials.

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