Re: More Nextion 3.5" tweaks to do

Joe Puma

I’m in the editor.


This code in tm0 will adjust the white lies, red line and black boarder for each band.  I’m programming it for a 5” screen so we’re working with 800x480 resulution. All the numbers are pixel positions except for the ending number which is a color by number or word.




  draw 0,30,610,80,WHITE

  fill 1,31,608,48,BLACK

  line 2,45,609,45,31727

  line 2,55,609,55,RED

  line 2,65,609,65,31727


  draw 0,130,610,180,WHITE

  fill 1,131,608,48,BLACK

  line 2,145,609,145,31727

  line 2,155,609,155,RED

  line 2,165,609,165,31727


  draw 0,240,610,290,WHITE

  fill 1,241,608,48,BLACK

  line 2,255,609,255,31727

  line 2,265,609,265,RED

  line 2,275,609,275,31727







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From: Sam Tedesco
Sent: Sunday, April 21, 2019 11:09 AM
Subject: Re: [BITX20] More Nextion 3.5" tweaks to do


Fill command is fill x,y,w,h. So, if you want to draw a WHITE box across the 'black canvas' just to the spot where your controls are on the right hand side (h0,etc.), you could use

fill 0,184,409,5,WHITE    (the 409 is 480 - 71 (my control width of h0)).


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