Re: Menu Sequence for CEC Firmware v1.200 #ubitx #firmware

Dan Pflugrath

Thank You John (vk2eta),  I edited the define statements in the ubitx_menu.ino file per your suggestion, it compiled, uploaded and ran perfectly.  I reordered about half of the define statements to make it easier to use with CW for SOTA.  I made RIT the first menu item so with a double click I turn it on or off.  Next is MEMTOVFO to make quick band changes and then the MODE to switch between CWU and SSB followed by VFO_TOGGLE, BAND, and CW_SPEED. 
That takes care of my new Version 5.  Now on to my Version 3 which I think uses case statements which should be easy to figure out.
Best Regards,
73 Dan KA7GPP

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