Re: uBitX PTT cycling

MVS Sarma

Hi Kelley,
Try to place on 1000pf (1nf) capacitor across the electret mic. Things should improve.
All the best. Regards
Sarma   vu3zmv

On Sun, 21 Apr 2019, 12:27 am Kelly Mabry <kmabry2007@... wrote:
Hi all! I have just connected a bc645 4 pin electret mic to my ubitx and am getting a 5 tx/rx "chatter" on transmit on a dummy load, when press ptt. When i release, all is fine, rx is lit and i hear rcv audio.  As a test, i enabled tx stop on the cec software,  and pressed ptt.  The tx indicator lights red for as long as i hold ptt, and then returns green as I unkey. This seems to indicate the ptt works as intended. After unselecting tx stop, the chatter returned. What am I missing? ...continuing to read thread...

Kelly K5AID 

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