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Your suggestion is good as I have just found one of my notable IEEE colleagues calling an AFC (automatic frequency control) circuit… an AGC circuit in a phase-locked loop.  Otherwise, at this point a volume control pot could otherwise rightly be called AGC too if you include the human.



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The AGC/AVC thing probably can’t be resolved at this point, but it would be unambiguous to me if folks just called their AVC/AGC IF-derived or audio derived.


I’m not sure that would be a silly distinction as in one case you’re looking at an RF waveform that should be more representative of what was transmitted than one that’s at the tail end of an audio amp that’s done who knows what to it.


And because I’m a dinosaur I want to believe a decent IF-derived system is better, though I have to admit the ubitx audio-derived stuff is pretty good. :)


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