More Nextion 3.5" tweaks to do


If you're good with C++, here's a good way to spend a rainy morning on a weekend if you know how to do this.  I've done some graphic resizing, as have others, and yet I have not gotten into the nuts and bolts of chart placement with regard to where the programming itself wants to display an image.  I see the subroutine most likely to control this but have been a bit slow on the uptake with regard to results expected.

Here's what I'm trying to do, to complete the full 3.5 " screen polishing:   The CEC screen .htm file for the 3.5" screen was really just a 2.8" screen compiled for a 3.5" window, with unfilled space around it. Likewise, the 3.2" screen was a 2.8" screen that's top-to-bottom the same height but has wasted space to the right of it  That wasn't so difficult to remedy so far as background graphics and button placement, sizing, etc. The sticky point is that, in the cases of spectrum scope displays and such, active graph displays show up on the 3.5" screen where they would have showed up if the 2.8" drawings were still around them.  This is where I've stopped, inasmuch as I can only seem to handle a couple of potentially hemmorage-inducing stressors at once in this hobby.

See these, and consider if your skills in programming might help to expand,relocate, and/or shift the red rectangles into the green ones.

Full credit will be given when I post the result - or if you post, I'll be happy to download them from your repository :)  Tnx in advance.



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