Re: No Boot-Up (after spikes)

Joe Puma

Sounds like you’ve had some bad luck. Order some new parts and just push through it. 


On Apr 19, 2019, at 9:52 PM, Ted via Groups.Io <k3rta@...> wrote:


After fixing the first Raduino shorting, no luck. Maybe it's done, not sure yet. Somewhere along the line of hooking up a spare, I got pin 3 (Clock #2) and pin 4 (Gnd) a bit close for a while. It probably remained that way for 10 minutes or so while trying to trace any reasonable answer to the original problem. Anyway, the 2.8" Nextion is toast (reason unknown) and when I hook this radio to my other uBitx 3.5" screen, that screen likewise sits on the initial boot-up with zeros where the Nano information should show up.

As to your question, if I press screen buttons, I get the same false action that one gets while in the Debug mode in the Nextion software.  Ig's powered up but not speaking to anything, same as the original screen, 5 (now toast) Nano boards, and two Raduino boards (one might be dead). 

I can't wait unitl it's warm enough to go sailing again.  

With appreciation,


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