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Jack Brabham - KZ5A <kz5a@...>

For powering the radio from batteries look for an "automatic buck-boost" regulator. This type will maintain your desired output V as the battery runs down.   A "step down" regulator will only work if the battery voltage is higher than the desired output V.

For charging Li-ion packs look for a "BMS - Battery Management System" rated for your pack's size.  These these handle all the over- under situations, control charging and maintain a balance between the individual cells.

I'm planning on a 3 cell pack, giving 11 to 12 volts.   I can recharge them from the shack 13.8V supply or charge directly from a solar cell. 

73 Jack KZ5A

On 4/19/2019 12:49 PM, George Blass via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi All

I’m designing my case and have a question. I plan on using 18650 batteries inside the case with this voltage regulator. 

Voltage regulator

Then for charging I’ll have one of these inside the case. 


My plan is to have everything inside the case with just the charging and USB ports exposed. This way to charge up the batteries you would just plug it in like a cell phone. 

Will this work?  Am I missing something?


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