Re: Attenuator function in CEC firmware #ubitx #firmware #nextion

Tom, wb6b

On Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 06:10 AM, Jack Brabham - KZ5A wrote:
looks like the ideal "effector" location for an RX AGC scheme

Yes, that looks like it could be a good choice. Just be certain that the power level at that point, on transmit, is within the limits of the attenuator. Off hand I think it is, but there many folks here that may have a more accurate assessment. There have been some issues with Q90 being blown by nearby transmitters and lightning strikes. It may be a good idea to add one of the protection mods, like diodes, that have been suggested in other threads, to protect the attenuator chip input.

I may do the same with my attenuator module, enhance my uBitx, rather than my original reason for buying is as a piece of test equipment. I'll watch your progress.

Tom, wb6b

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