Re: N6DT AGC and S-meter

Joe Puma

Use a lm385 or whatever the part number is. Voltage op amp. I use the same AGC and could not use it for A7. 

Go to KD8CEC site to get the info on build. 

I’m blown away by his new projects. Swr meter, new software that will do FT8 and other modes. Oh my 😱. 


On Apr 16, 2019, at 10:16 PM, rickaputi via Groups.Io <rickaputi@...> wrote:

thanks, Tim!!  yes using the kit-projects AGC.  tried the direct connection but it did not work. using the correct version of the ubitx firmware, and the 2.4 tft for the nextion.  not sure why it is not working.  there are definitely the correct voltages coming from the s-meter take-off.  puzzled here.  Rick.

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