Re: Homebrew li-ion battery pack into ubitx

Bill Lamm

 I have been looking at Drok's sight this morning.. love reading the reviews 😶  found this Drok buck boost that looks like I can set to 12.x volts out and either plug in a 13.5v PS in the shack or a lipo or whatever battery.. on or off solar panel and it will give me 12.x volts all day..   I am no ex-spurt so if any of you see something I am missing I welcome the wisdom..  for a start I am thinking or one and then if it pans out that sending more power to the finals is a good thing I would consider a second one..   my (up purpased) case has room, I am planning seperate fast acting fuses for the raduino (1.5a) and main board (2a or 3a)... still sorting through the polarity protection options but I have power pole connectors for the power connection on the case..


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