Re: KD8CEC - Nextion Display - IAN questions

Joe Puma

I know I had to search high and low for a 3.2 tft. And now I have a 5” and I had to redesign my own hmi file using CEC original 2.8 hmi. Some photoshopping and learning the nextion display editor and figuring out how the layouts are configured were required. Oh boy. 

Check with  Sunil might have a 3.5 TFT for you. That fits. 


On Apr 14, 2019, at 8:19 AM, Don - KM4UDX <dontAy155@...> wrote:

kevin -- I had the same problem with my 4.3 screen.  It is a bit of the wild west out there, so you just have to search, try and hope to find a TFT file that works for your screen. Sharpen your google search skills, and search like mad.  All of this is true because I wasn't willing to dive into nextion file editing and had no interest in rolling my own, so I had to depend on the good efforts of others.  So thank you all the "others" out there. You rock, as they say. 

For the 4.3, I finally found this file unitx_43B7_pd5dj.tft  out there that worked perfectly.

I love the 4.3 screen size by the way.  It seems a great compromise for good readability and has enough screen room for my stupid fingers. haahah.


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