Re: CW key sticking with Nextion LCD — FIXED

Joe Puma

So it’s looks like I got to the bottom of the problem where RF seemed to be getting into the delay of the CW and causing chattering in my auto tuner plus a hiss in the speakers.  

It was due to the IF out pan-adaptor wire I installed and when the wire In rear was plugged into SDR it seemed to allow RF to get in.  I also changed the resistor I was using as a buffer and replaced it wit a 22pf. It seems not to effect the circuit better then the resistor.  

Anyway I added 3 ferrites to the coax piece from my tap to the BNC connector on then back of radio. It’s doing a good job keeping the RF out, that’s what it needed. I also went through an exercise of replacing all wires with shielded cables, which all helps to keep the RF gremlins at bay.  

I ordered some small ferrite rings to wrap any misc single wires but my problem seems to be resolved.  


On Apr 12, 2019, at 8:35 AM, Jack Brabham - KZ5A <kz5a@...> wrote:

There is a uBitx "keying" board by W0EB on QRP Guys, might be relevant to your issue.

73 Jack KZ5A

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