Re: CW key sticking with Nextion LCD, still getting RF in

Joe Puma


So I made some progress with adding the diodes on the RX and TX blocking the discharge of the caps near by. And I was able to get the CW key to stop sticking with a .01uf on the blue line to ground on the Nextion display. But there is still one more bugger. The problem does not happen all the time but around 14mhz and 28mhz there is some RF getting in the delay portion of when you unkey the CW keyer, If I make delay 0 no problem. but with it on It shows a power and swr boost durning that delay time on the meter and I hear a hiss in speaker. My auto tuner chatters making it go out of tune for the next transmit.

Its intermittent now but it definitely seem like RF getting into that delay, if that makes sense. Since I’ve been making great use of filtering with .01uf on other areas I am thinking I can use a cap to fix this problem, but where? I did PTT, but I dont think I put a .01uf on the CW key yet

To add, I don't see the problem when I am on a dummy load, just my antenna system and it seems to act wacky if my tuner tunes it to a weird spot. RF is present. Then sometimes I get a good tune and when I unkey, CW It ends clean. I want to say that the radio is not all to blame either because on my commercial radio, same antenna on 11 meters around 29.500 if I key my radio full power and hit max watts out, the whole radio resets and clears memory, so I might have some wild RF issues, the EFHW is near by the house and over the roof.

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On Apr 10, 2019, at 6:17 PM, Joe KD2NFC <@kd2nfc> wrote:

At first I wrapped a barrel chock on the wires of Nextion. It helped a little. The I put a .01uf on the blue wire of Nextion and ground and that stopped the key from sticking.


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On Apr 10, 2019, at 12:46 PM, d balfour <davesters@...> wrote:

I didn't follow the link but You might try a torrid on the orange line and/or between the raduino and nextion.

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