Re: Microphone choices

iz oos

If you can't afford a Behemoth microphone (hi hi) you may try high sensitivity (around - 24db) electrec elements you may find at large vendors (Mouser etc). I opted for dynamic elements (not for karaoke) plus a homemade vogad compressor.

Il 10/apr/2019 13:22, "David - CA3DPV" <david.parra@...> ha scritto:
My two cents...

First I've tried with a karaoke mic and a audio console 
Good: I get 10W of power without effort, talking quietly
Bad: The signal transmitted is extremely low pitch (very dificult to copy). 

Now I use a PC mic (purchased for a few bucks). PTT is a button installed on it.
Good thing: It's a very cheap and small desk microphone (3 USD), 
Bad thing: It's a low gain mic, get 4 or 5 watt only @40m

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