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:) I think the TX of the ubitx has been the most tested, loved and blamed by hams in history. Also because it should be assumed that commercial ones should have no basic issue in terms of harmonics and spurs. However mods in commercial rigs are not that infrequent and the consequences of these should also be thoroughly tested. And of course some might always say, yeah the 840 is an old radio that needs to be 'aligned', you would better off buying a new rig!

Il 10/apr/2019 08:01, "Joe Puma" <kd2nfc@...> ha scritto:

Looks like the ubitx screenshot didn’t get attached properly, here they both are again for comparison.







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I just did a quick comparison test between my ubitx and Yaesu ft-840 radio.  I used a SDR on a laptop with a up converter, the SV1AFN with a 200mhz LO. I had a multiband antenna on it from a Yaesu XV-7R, its tuned to receive AM broadcast band. I was using Touchstone and scanning from 200-230mhz (0-30mhz). The ubitx was transmitting around 12watts,  the FT-840 at 10watts but with CW key down and they were both transmitting on antenna EFHW antenna.


The ubitx show two spikes that the FT-840 does not show  at all but its almost similar with other spurs. The signal appears stronger with the FT-840 but its spurs are relatively similar to ubitx. Actually the ubitx spurs seem to be relatively less from main signal when compared to FT-840.


I have to find a local ham club with some gear to test the uBitx and maybe the FT-840 while I’m at it. 😊









This is a no TX baseline.








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