Poor mans spurs and harmonics check with uBitx and commercial radio

Joe Puma



I just did a quick comparison test between my ubitx and Yaesu ft-840 radio.  I used a SDR on a laptop with a up converter, the SV1AFN with a 200mhz LO. I had a multiband antenna on it from a Yaesu XV-7R, its tuned to receive AM broadcast band. I was using Touchstone and scanning from 200-230mhz (0-30mhz). The ubitx was transmitting around 12watts,  the FT-840 at 10watts but with CW key down and they were both transmitting on antenna EFHW antenna.


The ubitx show two spikes that the FT-840 does not show  at all but its almost similar with other spurs. The signal appears stronger with the FT-840 but its spurs are relatively similar to ubitx. Actually the ubitx spurs seem to be relatively less from main signal when compared to FT-840.


I have to find a local ham club with some gear to test the uBitx and maybe the FT-840 while I’m at it. 😊









This is a no TX baseline.








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